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The Spectre Group is focused on providing hands-on risk management solutions to Canadian clients.

Spectre Solutions.

Who is Spectre Group

Spectre Group is an energetic company that strives to fill market needs with innovative risk management solutions. We operate a number of divisions in high risk industries, providing talented multi-discipline work-at-height technicians, as well as our professional team.

Special Projects

To succeed, you need the right team for the right job. The Project Managers at Spectre Group take the time to understand your project and your concerns. Together, we implement effective solutions.

Why Spectre

Spectre gets it. Time is money and problems are costly. We strive to provide our clients the most effective and efficient solutions possible, as quickly as possible. 

Always, where you need us.

Spectre Access

Need a Rope Access Tech? Spectre Access has you covered with the most highly trained rope team in the City of Winnipeg. Specializing in Construction, Building Maintenance and Special Projects.

Oak, Ash and Thorn

Our 5-star rated tree service, Oak, Ash and Thorn, focus on Commercial and Cabin Country tree pruning and removals and operate across South Eastern Manitoba. 

Spectre Safety

Spectre Safety is your one-stop shop for industrial safety training and related equipment. We work with the best in the west to make sure you're covered head to toe. Instruction available at our facility or yours.

About Us

Our Experience

After years in various 'high risk' industries, we decided to combine our efforts and create Spectre Group. Now, we share our passion by helping others accomplish their most challenging projects and tasks. Our process is simple and effective - talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your risk, and put your mind at ease about your highest risk projects.

Our Approach

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities, a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule. We operate a suite of divisions to help our clients with their high risk, work-at-height jobs. Our special projects involve construction, design projects, green development, human resource and change management - call us to discuss your project, we'd love to chat.

Why Us?

Safety. That's the one-word answer. The partners at Spectre Group share a passion for safety like few others and we've taken that passion into high risk work - tree work and rope access.  Our highly skilled technicians have a diverse multi-discipline backgrounds, with a shared military foundation. From mountains to helicopters, tree tops to confined spaces, our specialized team can go  where you need us.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

What are Spectre Groups operating divisions?

We have three divisions that all specialize in their respective industries. Oak, Ash and Thorn is our tree service, focusing on climbing work. Spectre Safety is our industrial safety division, providing training, equipment selection and OHS consulting. Finally, Spectre Access, is a rope access provider, pioneering the rope access industry in Winnipeg, MB. 

Where does Spectre find it's people?

Spectre Group prides itself on it's people. After all, the people are what make any company. Due to the high level of technical proficiency and training required to fill the needs of our clients, we hire based on ability and skill. We're always looking to build our talented team. 

What does Spectre Access do?

Access. That's the one word answer. In reality, Spectre Access is a Winnipeg based Rope Access provider. We work with contractors to complete projects that are otherwise inaccessible, or projects that are too costly to access by MEWPs, scaffolding or swingstage. We go where you need us.

What does Oak, Ash and Thorn do?

Oak, Ash and Thorn is our tree service, servicing southeastern Manitoba, from Winnipeg to Kenora. Focusing primarily on our commercial clients, we also do cabin country and residential work. Our strong safety program has allowed us to assist many other tree services in creating safer work sites and there own safety programs.

What does Spectre Safety do?

Spectre Safety does all things safety. We provide industrial safety training, equipment recommendations, OHS consulting, inspections and tracking and much more. Stay Safe!

Where does Spectre Group work?

We go where you need us. Spectre Groups head office is in Winnipeg, not too far from the International Airport. If we can get there, we'll go there. 


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